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My Story

Hello! Thanks for visiting my site. I’m Amanda Wickens, founder of Short & Sweet Bakery.

Here’s a little bit about me and how Short & Sweet came into being...


As a young girl I always gravitated towards the kitchen, constantly standing on a stool just itching to help my Mom bake whatever was on the menu that night. Since then, not much has changed!

I graduated from Rivier University with a Bachelors in Elementary Education. After that I spent three years as a reading tutor, teaching children that reading can be as fun as you make it. I absolutely thrived in the classroom, but my true passion sparked on Father’s Day in 2017 when I baked and decorated my very first cake for my dad. Cake decorating was just one of those things that once I started…I couldn’t stop!

Since that day, I never looked back. In 2020, I traded in my paper and pencil for an apron and a whisk and opened Short & Sweet Bakery. Being a self-taught baker has taught me how important it is to take pride in ones' growth and to always be open to new adventures. At Short & Sweet we specialize in a wide assortment of sweets for various occasions, and I am always determined to make sure your special occasion is as a sweet as the cake on the table!

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